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Bushing & Plunger

Busing and PlungerThe L&S Electric bushing and plunger assembly is designed to replace existing bushing and plunger sets on hydroelectric turbine governor main distributing valves.


  • Cost-effective design reduces delivery times
  • Self-aligning method between upper control servo and the lower bushing and plunger lessens alignment problems between the main valve body and the upper controlet assembly
  • Single piece upper control rod and servo assembly reduces concentricity problems
  • Harder surface material on the upper control rod is more durable against contamination and reduces wear from upper rod seal


  • Pre-engineered designs available
  • Oil consumption and leakage reduced by 50% vs. existing bushings and plungers


  • 4” and 8” kits are available
  • Designed to operate with dither of 0.006 to 0.010” to give valve overall deadband capability of 0.1% servo positioning
  • Meet or exceed flow and pressure ratings of existing bushings and plungers
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