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Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)

Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)

Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis determines the vibration pattern of moving equipment under normal operating conditions. Vibration is measured at a variety of points and directions on the equipment resulting in an animated model of the equipment.

Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)

Operating Detection Shape Analysis, otherwise known as ODS, is used to visualize the vibrating pattern of a moving piece of equipment that is influenced by the operating forces of that equipment.

ODS analysis utilizes a well-equipped analyzer and a software package to record the dynamic behavior of a piece of equipment and its mechanical structure.

ODS displays the magnified vibrating pattern of the machine in real-time operating conditions. The vibration and phase measurements are taken on hundreds of points and in various directions on the machines. The vibration pattern can be shown in various 3D formats. ODS is a very powerful technique for solving forced vibration problems. It makes it far better than the modal analysis system that is only helpful in analyzing the innate resonant character of the structure.

ODS analysis displays the exaggerated movement of a structure that is the result of the forces working on that structure, both internally and externally.

ODS Benefits

  • You can observe and analyze the exaggerated dynamic behavior of your machinery
  • Helps pinpoint problems in any kind of rotating equipment, associated bases, or frames
  • Your machines do not need to be taken off-line, minimizing lost production time
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