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cross-section of a verticle AC Motor

New Vertical Shaft Motor Sales

Hardy, weatherproof vertical shaft motors. Easy to maintain.

New Vertical Shaft Motor Sales

These vertical AC motors are built to function outdoors minimizing the effects of rain, snow, and other airborne particles. The design provides easy access for pump impeller adjustments and pump base alignment to motor clutches.


  • Weather protected type I high thrust
  • 3 to 4,000 HP
  • 3,600 to 514 RPM
  • Low & medium voltage through 6,900 volts
  • 3-phase, 50 and 60 Hertz
  • Three efficiency levels
    • Standard efficient
    • Energy efficient
    • Premium efficient


  • Easy impeller adjustment
  • Exceeds NEMA requirements
  • Ventilation system designed to provide optimum cooling to thrust bearing
  • Available in all motor sizes
  • Four zone design allows for easy installation and maintenance

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