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Various kinds of electric motor couplings


While a coupling basically functions as a connector to the motor shaft and the equipment that needs to be driven, it is important to select the right coupling to ensure you of satisfactory results and maximum benefits to the electric motor's performance.

Most importantly, the best coupling provides less noise, minimal maintenance costs and longer lifespan of the bearings.


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Manufacturers Represented:

  • Lovejoy Couplings
  • TB Woods
  • Voith Couplings

Connecting the motor shaft to the equipment driven, a coupling facilitates motion required to be transferred from one component to another.

This mechanical connector is also used to transmit torque in two shafts that may be misaligned or positioned in the same line. The following are among the varieties of coupling available for your needs:


Types of Couplings

  • Jaw Type
  • Jaw In-Shear Type
  • Curved Jaw
  • S-Flex
  • Motion Control
  • Gear
  • High-Performance Gear
  • Grid
  • Disc
  • Torsional

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