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Power Studies

Power Studies

L&S Electric performs intricate power studies that help improve the dependability of your generators, transformers and motors.

With our expert technicians, we will conduct analysis that prevents dangers caused by arc flash, as well as determine initial problems in electrical equipment. This prevents downtime linked with faulty electrical motors.

Power Studies

What is Arc Flash?

photo of a technician wearing arc flash personal protective equipmentArc Flash pertains to the arcing fault, which can be found in between two phase bus bars. This fault may be due to a ground or any neutral cause. Equipment and humans within the problem area are at serious health risks because of the quick release of energy. In most instances, a bus voltage over 120V can trigger an arc flash since low levels can never maintain the arc. Simply put, the appearance of an arc flash is the same as what is produced by electrical welding.

Since there is a massive release of energy during an arc flash, individuals within the area are at risk of burns. These burns may be hazardous to your health ad overall vitality. In fact, arc flash is also capable of melting metal, and there is a possibility that heavy objects may come traveling on air in a rapid motion. Even humans can be thrown away from the room because of an arc flash.

There are also other issues that may arise due to an arc flash. Since this produces sound and light, each time you look at the site as the flash occurs, your eyes may suffer from irreversible damages. You may also become exposed to very loud sounds from the blast, which can negatively impact your hearing. With this in mind, it is important that your workplace complies with the safety codes by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to prevent these hazards caused by an arc flash.

Compliance with the standards set by the OHSA is important to avoid any problems along the way. This is the main reason why you need to conduct arc flash analysis before you use a piece of equipment that generates flash. When this task is performed, the necessary PPE, arc flash boundary and energy are determined. Basically, the arc flash boundary refers to the point that surrounds the potential arc's source, which can result in second or even third-degree burns to individuals exposed to the flash. The energy produced by the arc is also detected, which is the incident energy level.

With all of these risks, it is important that you consider performing arc flash analysis to make sure you comply with the codes set by the OSHA. Aside from the analysis, L&S Electric will offer appropriate recommendations to help you make any necessary changes to improve the working environment of your employees in the plant.

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Electrical Winding Analysis

Maximizes the Dependability of Motors, Generators, and Transformers

This technique improves the dependability and performance of your transformers, generators, and motors.

With electrical winding analysis, it is possible to detect and address concerns in electrical equipment during the initial period. Hence, downtimes can be prevented as necessary solutions are implemented. Additionally, serious system failures are avoided, and the entire testing process is even safe and efficient to be done on transformers, motors and generators. Image depicting cost of motor repair based on electrical winding analysis

Electrical Winding Analysis

  • Increases equipment life
  • Reduces motor repair costs
  • Improves machine efficiency
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime

We Offer the Following

  • State-of-the-art technology in winding analysis service
  • On-site reports detailing winding condition and action recommended
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High Voltage Cable Testing

Boost the overall quality of your generators, transformers and motors.

Your cables and other pieces of electrical equipment require a routine test, as this can detect the onset of any problems. Keep in mind that once a problem exists, damages can result over time in case this issue remains unaddressed. Defects upon the installation process may be one of the causes, so it may help to perform proper testing. For instance, dead short in wires is identified through low voltage testing while high voltage testing may be necessary in case there is no contact with the wires.

High voltage cable testing is advisable when there are issues linked to poor installation, as well as wiring problems. With such issues, it is possible for the voltage to leak from the cable, and this results to damage in the long term. The minimal leak is usually undetected, particularly when the lower voltage passes through these wires. An increase in voltage leads to greater amount of leaks.

However, there are some concerns when it comes to high voltage testing since the last thing you want to happen to cause any damages to the cables. With our team's help, we will detect issues in the system while ensuring the safety and integrity of the cables. You can be certain that our technicians are highly competent in running these tests in a precise and accurate manner.

We offer key specifics in the high voltage cable testing such as up to 44 kVrms, one cycle every 10 seconds, ( manual or automatic), compliance with international standards or guides, cable test sequences, and the ability to test up to 30,000 feet of cable 

Good wire insulation gives you the assurance that your cable is of the finest quality. As voltage leakage is reduced, damages can be prevented. Through high voltage cable testing, you can avoid numerous problems linked with nicked wires or corrosion at contact points. After the test, we can provide you with suggestions on how to address these problems to make sure these will not happen again in the future.

We take pride in the advanced technology used in our high voltage cable testing system. In fact, our system is applicable to capacitors, electrical equipment, and cable tests. This way, we can determine defects linked with insulation before failure in cables occur.

L&S Electric technicians will be able to discover any weak cables using the variable frequency VLF output, through the use of our efficient testing system. The test also enables users to choose dual-polarity DC, sheath testing output modes or cable jacket.


  • One cycle taken every 10 seconds
  • Maximum voltage of 44kVrms
  • True sine wave low frequency output
  • Capable of testing 1µF (approx. 30,000 ft. of cable) at 0.1Hz and 60kV peak
  • Fully automatic or manual
  • Cable test sequences
  • Compliant with international standards/guides such as IEEE 400.2, VDE 0296, and CENELEC
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Hipot Testing

Photo of a Hipot test of a traction motorWhat is Hipot Testing?

This term refers to High Potential such as in high voltage. The test includes two isolated conductors, and our specialist creates a very high voltage, which then passes through conductors. With the use of appropriate instruments, the current is measured as it flows between two points.

Hipot Testing Procedures:

You have probably heard of a continuity test, which gives an accurate answer to the question as to whether current flows from one point to another. However, Hipot testing is continuity testing's opposite since the goal is to find a good isolation of the electrical flow, which is within the cable's insulation. When there are a high resistance level and voltage, it is possible for the cable to pass considering the absence of corrosive materials or contaminants in the structure. Cable failure occurs due to anomalies.

  • Resized, nicked, or crushed insulation
  • Stray wire strands or braiding
  • Conductive or corrosive material
  • Terminal spacing problems
  • Skin oils or moisture of any kind
  • Solder flux
  • Tolerance errors

Failed Hipot tests are most likely caused by an outside contaminant forcing the current to jump to the flawed portion of cable attracting all the electricity. The successful continuity test can be misleading because the good connection was actually made by a contaminant.

For more information on Hipot testing and why it’s important, contact L&S Electric.

Motor Current Analysis

Sample Diagnostic Spectrum of a Motor Current AnalysisReduce Motor Downtime with our Accurate
On-Line Diagnostic Tool

Motor current signature analysis aims to detect, diagnose and analyse faults that are found in electrical motors. Operating equipment is tested, which then helps determine any high-resistance or rotor bar issues. This method may serve as a test done just once, or it can be performed periodically to monitor or identify trends in the performance of motors. Remote and non-intrusive testing of electrical equipment is made possible by this method. It is also worth noting that the current waveform is analysed during the test.

This advanced method is applicable and effective when it comes to trending and tracking AC motor rotors' degradation. You can also ensure efficiency in power consumption as the motors perform properly, which also reduces operation cost. Since MCSA is a type of program that is not expensive to run, you can facilitate your maintenance management and expect quicker returns on your investment.


  • The current analysis is done as motors are operated under normal working conditions, so you can expect a more accurate result on tests and efficient scheduling.
  • Downtime and severe damages are also prevented since motors are scheduled periodically for repair.
  • For follow-ups or monitoring purposes, you can check test results any time as these are compiled in a predictive maintenance database.
  • You can use current analysis with vibration analysis in determining any electrical vibration concerns.
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Online Motor Testing

Increases the lifespan and function of your transformers, motors and generators

Our team of experts implement advanced technology in monitoring power circuit problem online. This helps improve the performance, load and health of motors as you get a more comprehensive idea about their total structure.
Image of a sample motor testing report
L&S Electric makes use of sophisticated online motor testing equipment, which offers an in-depth analysis as electrical and mechanical issues are studied separately. The activities of your VFD applications and 3-phase induction motor are also monitored.

We can ensure you of a valid and precise assessment of the condition of your operating load using online motor testing. The test offers immediate results, and you will be able to identify the actual cost of any wasted energy.

Comprehensive Motor Analysis

  • Identifies possible power circuit problems that degrade motor health
  • Examines overall motor power conditions
  • Monitors the load and observes motor performance
  • Estimates energy savings

VFD Monitoring

  • Shows how frequency, speed, torque, and voltage level vary with respect to time
  • Enables identification of transient overloading of the motor by the VFD
  • Provides the ability to identify and repair poorly tuned speed feedback

Advanced Data Collection

  • Saves individual motor results, critical for any predictive maintenance program
  • Generates reports quickly and easily
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