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Fairfield Pumped Storage Control Systems Modernization Project

Plant Location:
South Carolina

South Carolina Electric & Gas
220 Operation Way
Cayce, SC  29033

Project Description:
Fairfield Pumped Storage is a 576MW semi-outdoor generating station located between the Monticello Reservoir and the Parr Reservoir, and the facility contains (8) reversible pump-turbine units.  Work awarded to L&S Electric includes the design, supply, and installation of PLC-based governor and unit control systems for Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8.    Also included is a redundant Plant HMI system along with new instrumentation for each of the generating units.

The Fairfield Project is unique because it is only one of several sites within the USA that does not incorporate a gate shift ring for the Francis-type turbines.  Instead, (20) independent servomotors are positioned around each turbine pit to provide individual control of each wicket gate.