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Hoover, Parker & Davis Project

Plant Location:
Nevada, Arizona and California

US Bureau of Reclamation
Lower Colorado Region
PO Box 61470
Boulder City, NV 89006

Project Description:
The scope of participation for L&S Electric included the supply of four separate subsystems combined in a single unified design to serve (26) units of different vintages at three separate locations.  This included Hoover Dam, with (15) units rated at 130MW each and two units rated at 60MW each, Davis Dam with (5) units rated at 48MW each, and Parker Dam with (4) units rated at 30MW each.  The final design was a collaborative process that was completed and approved in approximately four months with the first six units placed in commercial operation (20) months after the contract award.  Original equipment supply included governors with hydraulic interface, unit control boards to monitor and control all unit auxiliaries, generator / transformer / bus monitoring and protection systems, and pilot excitation with power system stabilization.  In house services included design and manufacturing in the same facility while on site services included installation supervision and commissioning assistance for the first (8) units.  Formal on-site training was also included.  The customer performed installation of all units with contractor support.  L&S Electric was responsible for the installation supervision and commissioning of units 1-8 and unit outage duration remained on schedule.

Since awarded to L&S Electric, the duration and value of the contract has grown as a result of the relationship established between the USBR and L&S Electric.  Cooperatively, design enhancements were identified to offer greater standardization to control long term costs, and additional improvements were adopted to improve installation efficiency.  Included were DC distribution cabinets, separate transformer monitoring cabinets, RTU cabinets for station service monitoring and control, PRV monitoring at Hoover Dam, protection for Parker and Davis Dam, along with several manufacturing changes.  None of these items were included in the original contract.

The resulting experience has paid remarkable dividends for the USBR as equipment installation and commissioning can now be completed in six weeks, unassisted by L&S Electric, for two units simultaneously.  A collaborative technical paper was presented at the WaterPower 2009 Conference.