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Colgate Hydro Plant Modernization

Plant Location:

Yuba County Water Agency
12700 Lake Francis
PO Box 176
Dobbins, CA 95935

Project Description:
Through fair and open discussions, and without the use of a specification, L&S Electric developed a solution for the Colgate Plant, which is PG&E’s largest peaking plant in the state of California. Original control equipment for the largest physical impulse turbines in the world, rated at 175 MW each, included Voith mechanical cabinet actuators and amplidyne style generator voltage regulators.  The purpose for the modernization was twofold: eliminate aging equipment that was no longer supportable and increase the spinning reserve capacity of the units as the existing governors would lose power stability below 30MW.  The solution from L&S Electric included PLC-based governors, including new distributing valves, and sequential needle control capable of maintaining power stability down to 1/2MW.  Also integrated into the design were redundant Basler DECS 400 voltage regulators with power system stabilization.

The customer performed the removal and installation of all equipment.  L&S Electric provide installation supervision and commissioning.