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Pilot Controls Manifold

photo of a pilot control manifoldThe L&S Electric Pilot Control Manifolds offer a cost-effective electro-hydraulic interface for upgrading mechanical or electrical governors to digital controllers. Their design is adaptable to nearly all two-stage valves, and works with low-pressure and high-pressure systems.


  • Easily upgrade mechanical or electrical governors to digital controllers – keeping the existing low-pressure system, or upgrading to a high-pressure system
  • Cut maintenance costs by eliminating old pilot control, pilot valve, and shutdown assemblies
  • Adaptable to nearly any two-stage valving systems regardless of age, type, manufacturer, or pressure rating
  • Frequency response 5 times faster than old governor systems
  • Design effectively converts all mechanical governors, analogelectric and early digital governors
  • Cost-effective, off-the-shelf spare parts


  • Manifold design simplifies installation and eliminates tubing with associated leakage
  • Pre-engineered subplates interface with variety of governors
  • O-Ring sealing for leak-free operation
  • Shutdown solenoid valve included
  • Standard D03 manifold includes a D03 proportional pilot valve
  • Standard D05 manifold is designed for servo control and includes a D05 proportional valve and flow control valves for setting opening and closing times
  • Custom Manifolds available with:
    • Piloted valve to allow external hydraulic shutdown
    • Double solenoid valve with manual actuation for start and stop commands
    • For other features, please call L&S Electric 


  • Maximum pressure rating: up to 3000 psi (207 bar)
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