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Accumulator Unloader Float Valve

The L&S Electric hydroelectric turbine governor accumulator upclosing float valve prevents air from entering governor oil piping in “air-over-oil” accumulator systems.


  • Minimum dead oil levels are lower; therefore, more oil is available from the same tank
  • Hardened alloy steel for the locking CAM and all pivot pins, insure better valve reliability and durability
  • “O” ring sealing provided on both the float valve seal and on the flange seal


  • Interchangeable with most existing upclosing float valves
  • Locks in the normal oil level condition to prevent inadvertent high oil level closures


  • 4”, 6”, and 8” 10” sizes available
  • Operating pressure - 100 to 1200 psi (7 to 83 bar)
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