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Distributing Valves

Distributing Valves

The L&S Distributing Valves offer diverse levels of pressure and flows for optimum control of hydroelectric turbine actuators (servomotors).

Distributing Valves


  • Simple, elegant design with a successful track record
  • Servo-Grade operation with Zero-Lap characteristics
  • Timing control via locking nuts to ensure safety and repeatability
  • Frequency response 4 to 5 times faster than old mechanical and analog governor systems
  • Cost-effective spare parts
  • Design allows for the mounting of valve assemble near or at servos for the best valve/hydraulic stability, and for the most cost effective piping arrangement


  • Maximum flow adjustment via solid locking nuts
  • Valve porting can be specified to accommodate pressure and flow needs
  • “A” and “B” ports (open and close control ports) can be reversed in the field if necessary
  • No external pinch points
  • “O” ring sealing for leak free operation
  • Safety shutdown systems:
  • Proportional valve shutdown upon power loss
  • Fail-safe shutdown solenoid valve
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