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Rail Repair Services

Rail Repair Services

L&S Electric offers complete traction motor/generator, auxiliary unit repair, and 24-hour service – making us your complete source for locomotive motor, generator, and fan assembly repairs.

Providing all your inspection, reconditioning and repair needs, and our competitive turnaround time will get you back on track fast.

• Rail Auxiliary Equipment Repair
• Traction Motor, Main Generator,
  Alternator Repair

• Truck and Combo Repair

Rail Services

Photo of a rail alternator being repaired
Photo of a rail alternator in a test stand
Close up of a technician performing repairs on a rail generator

L&S Electric is a complete repair center specializing in the repair, re-building, and rewinding of traction motors, generators, and alternators used in rail applications.

We also provide complete repair services for all your rail auxiliary equipment and all-inclusive truck and combo repair services. L&S Electric provides complete inspection and reconditioning or repair as necessary and our 24-hour service means we’re always available.

Rail Auxiliary Equipment Repair For:

  • Cooling fans
  • AC/DC auxiliary generators
  • Dynamic brake grid blowers
  • Traction motor blowers
  • Inertial blowers

Rail Auxiliary Equipment Repair Capabilities:

    • Complete rewind, reconditioning, and re-manufacturing
    • All apparatus repaired to OEM specifications
    • Dynamic balancing of fans and blowers
    • Motor/blower designbuild
    • Unit exchange options available

Truck and Combo Repair Services:

    • Complete locomotive truck rebuilds
    • Traction motor combo inspection
    • Gearbox inspection
    • Wheel and axle services

Truck and Combo Repair Capabilities:

    • Tramming and re-qualification of truck frames
    • Replacement of springs, pins, and bushings
    • Replacement of wheels, axles, and gears
    • Repair and refurbishment of all wear surfaces

Traction Motor Services:

    • EMD D77, D78, D87, D90, and GE752 D/C Traction motor re-qualification with complete frame inspection
    • Field and interpole coil replacement
    • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) of armature and field windings
    • EMD 2630, 2830, and GEB13 A/C Traction motor
    • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) of all windings

Main Generator and Alternator Services:

    • EMD D12, D15, D22, D25, and D32 generators
    • AR10, AR11, AR17, AR20, TA17, and TA22 alternators
    • GE GT581 generators, GE192, GE197 alternators
    • Complete rewind of stator and rotor assembly
    • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) of all windings
    • New equipment sales for alternator slip ring assemblies

Multiple Rail Repair Centers:

    • More than 100,000 sq. ft. of operating space
    • Lifting capability to 35 tons

Let L&S Electric take care of your rail equipment repair needs. We’ve got the solution to meet your needs and you’ll like our competitive turnaround time.