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Commutator and Slip Ring Profiling

Profiling Solution for Commutators and Slip RingsL&S Electric’s profiling solution for commutators and slip rings offers a definitive view of the out-of-round aspect of your equipment with a resolution of 0.00005”.

Profile Benefits

  • Measure and ensure motor recondition quality to specifications
  • Measure and graph commutator surface on motor in service to identify causes of commutator problems, such as:
    • Load pulsations
    • Drive issues
    • Stalling
    • Loose commutator bars
    • Improperly set neutral
    • Winding failure
    • Mechanical vibrations
    • Bad bearing fits caused by looseness in housing, shaft, or excessive sleeve 
    • Bearing clearance
  • Radial GraphMeasure slip rings on synchronous motor or generator
  • Measure and graph the surface of a roll
  • Measures to 0.00005”

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