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Verso Corporation (CWPCo), Whiting Unit No. 1, “The Moose”

Plant Location:
Whiting, WI

Consolidated Water Power Co. (a Verso Corporation)
610 High Street
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495

The L&S Electric Advanced Excitation System (AES) static excitation system was selected to replace the existing proprietary variable DC field power supply for Consolidated Water Power Co.’s Whiting Hydro Plants’ Unit No. 1, “The Moose” synchronous generator. Consolidated Water Power Company choose the AES for its advanced monitoring and control features, the AES design flexibility, the comfort they felt in L&S Electric’s excitation engineering expertise, the L&S Electric provided 24/7 product support, the two (2) year warranty, and the commercially available spare parts.

The Unit No. 1 synchronous generator’s rated output is 1.8 MW at 2.4kV and has field requirements of 163 amperes, 125 volts at rated load and 0.9 power factor. The input power to the AES was provided from an excitation power transformer (EPT). The EPT’s ratings are 50kVA, 480/180 volts AC, 3-phase, 60 hertz, wye-delta with ±2x2½% primary taps and one (1) NC thermistor in the center winding for over-temperature protection.

“The Moose’s” AES is a customized LS-AES-FS-EXC-DT-200 Static Exciter System. The exciter, included the AES’s standard features; a digital excitation controller, a 200-amp, full wave rectifier bridge assembly with redundant fan-cooling, an AC input breaker, MOV over-voltage protection, shaft voltage suppression, Ethernet IP communications, and a 15-inch color touchscreen (OIT). The AES included optional features of a DC field breaker with discharge resistor and customized programming, which allows the AES exciter to operate as a synchronous motor starter during start up in accordance with “The Moose’s” operational procedures. The AES’s NEMA 12 free standing enclosure with forced ventilation was over sized to accommodate the customer’s unit controller – it would later be customer provided and installed. Additionally, the L&S Electric project provided services including the design and supply of the AES excitation elementary diagrams, the wiring diagrams, the assembly diagrams, operation & maintenance manual, installation engineering, installation supervision services, and the AES commissioning and onsite AES training.

The project also supplied unit protection consisting of a SEL-700 Generator Protection Relay with test switches. The protection services included; the reviewing and analyzing of the existing relay settings in relationship to the customer provided generator data and IEEE C37.101 and IEEE C37.102 protection recommendations, the development of the primary 700G relay settings, the relay programming, development of an Omicron test program, the relay testing at L&S Electric, and the relay shipment to site.

The unit was installed September 2017