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Cut down costs and extend the lifespan of your motor by choosing top-quality drives from L&S Electric.

We provide a selection of medium voltage drives, starters, AC and DC drives and 24/7 technical support and installation services, as well as superior analysis on your needs required in selecting the best drive for your concerns.

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To boost your energy savings as speed control is maximized, it can help to use a drive for your electric motor.

Motors continues to operate at top speed even when you use gearboxes or belts to minimize speed. However, with a drive, the actual motor speed is decreased and this also lowers the amps drawn. As a result, the amount of energy consumed is minimized, which leads to a reduction in your energy costs. So, as the motor speed is increased slowly, you can save more energy as in-rush issues are prevented when you start a motor across the line.

A drive also prolongs the lifespan of a motor. For instance, it decreases the flow of fluid into the motor, which reduces friction and pressure on the machinery. As the motor run at reduced capacity, this minimizes risks of wear and tear on the motor.

For more information, please read VFD Benefits and VFDs vs. Soft Starters.

L&S Electric partners with renowned drive manufacturers that you can count on for optimum quality.

How do VFDs Save you Money


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