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Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Our L&S Electric Quality Management System (QMS) is a tightly integrated, internationally recognized set of standards that promises our customers consistent, quality products and service. It ensures that we are always analyzing our processes with an eye on improvement. It is a guiding force for our employees, a tool of empowerment, and motivation for excellence.

Quality Management System

Commitment to Quality

L&S Electric understands the value of quality products and service. L&S has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) and successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification at these locations.

Quality Begins with Teamwork at L&S Electric

Certification to an internationally recognized set of quality standards means that each of our customers receives consistent, quality service focused on meeting customer requirements. At L&S Electric, we haven’t pursued ISO certification because our customers require or demand it; rather we do it to get an independent appraisal of our QMS that also provides feedback for continuous improvement. Maintaining a QMS ensures we have a formal, documented approach to solving problems or finding ways to avoid them before they happen. Rather than just fixing things, L&S is committed to finding the root cause of failures. Once we determine the root cause, we are then able to look for solutions within the system in order to prevent re-occurrence.

L&S Electric, Inc. Quality Policy

The Quality Management System (QMS) at L&S Electric is designed and implemented to ensure customer requirements are fully realized. Our culture supports a collective commitment to quality based on the consideration of risk factors to minimize negative effects and maximize favorable opportunities. Responsibility for effective continual improvement is empowered to all employees and is reflected in the quality of our workmanship.

Our Motto

Dedicated People, Quality Products, and, Above All, Service

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