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Whether you’re looking for on-site or in-shop services, look no further than L&S Electric. We are the experts in hydro solutions, power services, reliability services, on-site rotating apparatus services, rail services, and electro-mechanical repair services.

• Electro-Mechanical Repair Services
• Hydro Solutions
• On-Site Rotating Apparatus Services
• Power Services
• Rail Services
• Reliability Services


L&S Electric offers complete Reliability and Power SolutionsOn-Site Rotating Apparatus Services, and Electro-Mechanical Repair Services. With 24/7 emergency services, L&S Electric is your complete source for all your field service needs, such as Predictive Maintenance Programs, Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, Infrared Thermography, and Transformer Service.

We provide comprehensive repair capabilities regardless of brand. Our network of service centers features complete diagnostic and testing capabilities for almost any type of rotating equipment.

Our Hydro Solutions division is a leading supplier of integrated solutions for the hydroelectric industry with the best value in Digital Governors and Unit and Plant Automation.

Our distinctive blend of specialty governor products, commercial off-the-shelf hardware, and cutting-edge engineering innovation allow minimal design time, maintenance liabilities, and project cost, while maximizing design flexibility, reliability, expand the ability, and overall project value.

L&S Electric is a complete repair center specializing in the repair, re-building, and rewinding of traction motors, generators, and alternators used in Rail Applications.