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Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance means conforming to environmental laws, regulations and standards. We at L&S Electric are committed to reducing our environmental impact, improving our local and worldwide economy by investing in our people and expanding our capabilities, and contributing to our local community.

Through responsible actions and a commitment to sustainability, we are honored to be a respected leader in our industry and an organization our employees and customers are proud of.

Environmental Compliance

L&S Electric, Inc. is committed to the sustainability of the environment, economy, and our community and promises to be a good corporate citizen.


To help reduce our environmental impact, L&S Electric has installed energy-efficient lighting and equipment where possible, established paper and waste recycling programs, and disposes of industrial waste and water properly. In addition, our Engineering division’s control systems for the hydroelectric power generation industry can improve or maintain the unit’s efficiency while helping to conserve water. L&S Electric is committed to the environment everywhere we work, in our own facilities and at our customers’ locations. For major projects, we implement formal environmental protection plans to mitigate risks and improve communication.


L&S Electric has grown consistently since its merger in 1983 and continues to invest in people, facilities, and equipment. We constantly look for better ways to serve our customers by expanding our capabilities. L&S Electric now has locations in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Quebec, Canada, that serve customers in North and South America as well as worldwide.


L&S Electric is committed to contributing to the local communities that have helped us grow. The company’s most important asset is its people, and we strive to offer challenging and rewarding jobs to our employees. We encourage employee participation in our active wellness program, training, and continuing education. L&S Electric also believes in supporting nonprofit organizations that help our communities such as United Way, American Heart Association, and the Red Cross, among others.