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Relay Commissioning and Testing

Relay Commissioning and Testing

Since relays are linked to the dependability and stability of your plant's electrical supply, these are considered as mission-critical.

You can count on L&S Electric for proper installation, testing and commissioning of your relays that will have a direct impact on its integrity and excellent performance.


Our power service team offers commissioning and installation for your switchgear of any voltage type.

We offer on-site services such as commissioning and relay testing, as these help maintain the accuracy of your relay settings.

 Services Include:

  • Setting installation
  • Fault interpretation
  • Protective element calibration
  • Automated test plan set-up
  • Logic string tests
  • Input/output operation
  • Satellite relay testing for one or multiple lines
  • Primary injection for differential protection
  • All protection schemes: differential, breaker failure, POTT, block fast trip, etc.