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With our team of specialists, you can have the help of professionals in relay retrofit services, project management and gap analysis of your plant's electrical program.

We also offer thorough engineering design specifications and drawings that will facilitate the proper management and analysis of your system using circuit loading and arc flash analysis, as well as time-current coordination and power factor corrector.


Gap Analysis of Electrical Programs including Safety and Training

There is an ongoing change in terms of hazard identification and electrical safety, which you may not be able to keep up with. Fortunately, you can consult our specialists and engineers to conduct electrical hazard study and reviews on your facility. This way, you will be able to determine which areas your program currently exceeds or meets in terms of requirement. We can also give you the assurance that upon completion of facility analysis, all your programs will be able to conform to standard requirements for all industries.

Project Management

L&S Electric is made up of a team of experts that can monitor schedules, assist task management, provide engineering support and conduct tasks relating to all areas of your electrical project.

Relay Retrofit

You no longer need to deal with outdated relays in your industry that only slow down productivity. Our L&S Electric team will work with you to perform rewiring of your devices, commissioning your system, developing semantics and setting the relay after testing its performance.

Specification Review and Development

Our team at L&S Electric specialize in preparing design specifications and drawings, providing necessary design support, calculating project expenses and communicating with clients during any updates or revision processes.

  • Power System: Performing necessary checkups of your electrical systems
  • Arc Flash Analysis: Identification of any hazards that can lead to the exposure of your employees and equipment to these issues
  • Circuit Loading: Providing an outline of the capacity of your transformers, substations, and electrical cables while checking for any requirements for future expansion
  • Power Factor Correction: Evaluating your system's power factor while keeping in mind system capacity and utility expenses
  • Power Quality: Ensuring appropriate solutions that can address issues with power quality including transient analysis, harmonics, and sags
  • Short Circuit Study: Identifying and categorizing equipment with poor ratings in terms of safety hazards and code violations
  • Time-Current Coordination: Making sure that only specific faults are eliminated from the power system to facilitate the ongoing production and operation in your industry