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Whether you are a consumer or provider, power outages are linked with massive expenses. It makes perfect sense to conduct commissioning tests to improve the lifespan of your relays, breakers, and cables.


Cable Testing and Commissioning

Your industry relies on cables for proper flow of power in all your electrical devices. With every outage that occurs, this can result in extensive and unnecessary expenses as damages on your equipment all amount to additional costs. By contacting our engineers and technicians, you can have your equipment tested and checked for any problems before they get worse. Upon performing a routine maintenance program, essential information gathered will be used in developing an appropriate solution to your specific concerns.

Our Comprehensive Cable Testing includes:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Shield continuity
  • AC/DC hipot
  • Tan-Delta
  • VLF
  • Partial Discharge

Breaker Commissioning and Repair

You can seek professional help from our Power Service team when it comes to electrical testing, commissioning and troubleshooting of your electric power system. This way, any delays can be prevented while reducing any risks of productivity losses that will add to your expenses. Our highly competent technicians specialize in dielectric withstand tests, timing, partial discharge, insulation and contact resistance that can prolong the life of your electrical systems.

  • Insulation resistance
  • Contact resistance
  • Partial discharge testing
  • Primary and secondary injection testing
  • Timing
  • Power factor
  • Minimum pick-up tests for coils
  • Air, vacuum, SF6, and OCB tests
  • Proper operation of auxiliary devices
  • Trip unit upgrades
  • Gas sampling and reclamation services
  • Bushing repair or replacement
  • Comprehensive battery of electrical tests performed on-site or in-shop

Relay Commissioning and Testing

The Power Service team at L&S Electric offers several services including commissioning and installing switchgear of any voltage type. We also provide services performed on-site that promote accuracy of your relay settings such as commissioning and testing. These also help verify the integrity of your relay settings' protection system.

Services Include:

  • Setting installation
  • Fault interpretation
  • Protective element calibration
  • Automated test plan set-up
  • Logic string tests
  • Input/output operation
  • Satellite relay testing for one or multiple lines
  • Primary injection for differential protection
  • All protection schemes: differential, breaker failure, POTT, block fast trip, etc.
  • Substation Commissioning
  • Transformer Commissioning
  • Switch Commissioning
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