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Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Whether electrical equipment or rotating equipment such as centrifuges, gearboxes, and electric motors, infrared thermography is a technique that is proven to be essential in these components.

L&S Electric offers a detailed and comprehensive digital thermography analysis, which also features a list of Key to Severity items that include recommendations and classifications of problem areas.

Infrared Thermography

Digital Thermography 

Photo of an infrared scan of electrical equipmentWe perform digital thermography, which determines any piece of equipment that has an existing issue. Furthermore, we offer a list that features "Key to Severity", and this includes general recommendations each time there is an increase in temperature. There is also a thermographic test point area that contains a detailed image and photograph of the problem area, as well as comprehensive information about it. 

All reports gathered are customized based on your needs. Included in the report are the following items:

  • Identification of certain points
  • Temperatures with graphical representation
  • Temperature display, which is superimposed over a particular image
  • Areas within a particular temperature band
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Thermographic Inspection Applications

Power Distribution

  • High
  • Tension
  • Line/splices
  • Substations
  • Transformers


Bus Connections

  • Relays
  • Breakers

Fuse Clips

All Control Connections

  • Motor control centers
  • Starters
  • Connectors and contacts
  • Fuse clips
  • Bus stabs

Photo of results of an Infrared Scan of industrial electrical equipmentEnclosed Bus Runs

  • Bolted connections
  • Conductor fatigue
  • Miscellaneous
  • Generator windings/brush riggings
  • Breakers

Voltage Regulators/Relays

  • Heat exchangers
  • Provide flat roof building analysis
  • Locate moisture areas
  • Verify contractor workmanship
  • Identify weak/stressed areas
  • Identify flashing leaks, seam joints

Building Energy Analysis

  • Verify insulation weakness/walls/ceilings
  • Locate settled insulation in walls
  • Verify product performance/heat loss
  • Verify contract workmanship performance
  • Locate air infiltration area
  • Verify window/door performance

Verify Energy Loss Through Foundations

  • Locate wet insulation
  • Determine solar loading
  • Evaluate ventilation performance
  • Assess heat loss from ducts, steam
  • Hot water systems
  • Conduct miscellaneous general inspections
  • Mechanical/bearings/friction

Gears/Drive Belts/Lubrication Needs

  • Shafts/welds/castings/molds
  • Fire inspections/search and rescue

Aerial Inspection/Roof/Electrical

  • Underground/steam
  • Security/surveillance intrusion
  • Tanks, vessels, product inspections
  • Grain elevators, tank cars
  • Products/storage

IR Video: Real-Time Analysis

An IR video enables you to be aware each time there is an increase or decrease in your equipment's temperature. Hence, this tool can check any change in temperature within as little as 10 seconds – and this is something that you cannot achieve with IR still photo.

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Thermographic Analysis Program

A long wave system is capable of measuring accurate temperature even in harsh conditions because of its minimal susceptibility to reflections.

Innovative Equipment

Long wave system, which is less susceptible to reflections, allowing accurate temperature measurement in adverse environments  Temperature measurements from -10 °C to +1500 °C with ±0.1°C accuracy  Scanning distances of up to 60 feet

On-Site Report

The on-site report facilitates prompt and initial analysis while reporting any hazardous issues that can jeopardize your equipment.

Sample Report

View a sample report by clicking this graphic:

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Key Descriptions Included in the Formal Report:

  • Equipment List: This features information about the scanned equipment
  • Problem/Recommendations Section: Includes a summary of any detected problems, as well as suggested solutions for the repair process
  • Individual Test Point Section: The problem test point is identified based on location and equipment name. There is also a description of the detected problem and how severe it is. A photograph and a thermographic image are also presented, including arrows that point towards the problem areas
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