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Cable Testing

Cable Testing

Since your industry depends on a constant supply of power, you will need a reliable cable system to carry out this task. Once cable failure occurs, prompt assessment of the situation is what you need to facilitate the right solution for this issue.

L&S Electric uses sophisticated technology that ensures an in-depth evaluation prior to having your cables replaced or repaired. Afterwards, we provide you with an effective maintenance system that minimizes future downtime.

Cable Testing

Image of a cable testing report

All electrical components in any industries use cables to facilitate power flow. In the case of outages due to cable failures, you may have to deal with massive expenses because of the need to replace or repair cables and productivity losses. With this in mind, contacting the experts is essential to have your cable system tested and inspected since detecting problems before they get worse helps in preventing serious damages and further expenses. Any pieces of information obtained from the maintenance program can minimize risks of damage and unnecessary power outages in the industry.

In addition to these, you can minimize costs due to frequent servicing of cables because installation errors and manufacturer defects. We are commissioning brand new cable systems that will enhance your own cable system while reducing chances of failure or damage.

Our Comprehensive Cable Testing includes:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Shield continuity
  • AC/DC hipot
  • Tan-Delta
  • VLF
  • Photo of a spool of cablesPartial Discharge