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Ground Systems Studies

Ground Systems Studies

You can ensure the quality and proper maintenance of your equipment through appropriate earthing, bonding and grounding.

Additionally, your employees remain safe, and your operations are improved with properly installed and tested ground systems. We perform these tasks to give you peace of mind while increasing your bottom line.

Ground Systems

With proper installation of your grounding and bonding device, your employees and equipment will remain protected. In addition, there is a need perform ground system studies to determine initially the grounding specifications and ensuring the continuous conformity to these standards.

When performing ground testing, the resistance between both the grounding system and earth is checked to make sure that this conforms to the NEC specifications. On the other hand, bonding refers to connecting your system components to the grounding system. These two processes also go together.

Ground System Test Services Provided:

  • 3-point fall-of-potential
  • 4-point fall-of-potential
  • Point-to-point