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DC Motor Brush Surveys

DC Motor Brush Surveys

Avoid brush and commutator problems when you incorporate a DC motor brush survey into your L&S Electric predictive maintenance program.

Our experienced technicians will analyze your machinery, determine its effectiveness and make the right corrective actions to ensure the health of your equipment. Boost your operating efficiency and reduce your maintenance costs with help from L&S.

DC Motor Brush Survey

A photo of a collection of DC Motor brushes

Regular maintenance on DC machines boosts operating efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. L&S Electric Reliability Technicians will analyze your DC machines to evaluate the effectiveness of the commutators and determine the level of brush wear.

Because of the wide range of variables, determining the life of the DC motor brush is not clear cut. The experience of a technician and quality equipment combined provides an accurate view of the health of the DC motor brushes. Brush and commutator problems can be predicted through a comprehensive maintenance program. Constant monitoring and corrective actions can keep your DC motor operating smoothly.

Brush Life

The lifespan of a DC motor brush may vary from 2,000 to 10,000 hours. Higher-quality brushes monitor brush life using three wear lines. Typically, brushes should be replaced when the third line is reached.

Variables affecting the life of a brush include:

  • Duty cycle and application, including atmospheric conditions
  • The condition of the commutator
  • Brush assembly design

In addition to evaluating your DC motors, our team may make recommendations regarding spring tension settings and brush replacement. Current density, winding insulation, and brush grade validation are also verified along with a comprehensive review of our analysis and a recommended maintenance schedule.