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The process of ultrasonic detection testing is one where ultrasonic waves are used to detect surface breaking and any internal imperfections of the surfaces that are being tested. The members of L&S Electric’s reliability services team are experts at employing this testing to detect pressure/vacuum leaks, electrical imperfections, and early stages of bearing failure.

Reduce maintenance costs and avoid downtime when you take advantage of our 24/7 reliability services.


Air Leak Detection

The Smallest Leak Creates a Major Expense

If you run compressors at 50 HP or above, air leak detection can save you a significant amount of money. The graphic below illustrates how your monthly costs increase while the size of air leaks increases. For purposes of illustration, we assume the air is at 100 psi (based on a nozzle coefficient of .79) and that the air cost is 25 cents per 1,000 cubic feet.

photo of an ultrasonic air leak test result

L&S Electric’s experienced ultrasonic technicians can detect these leaks before they become major problems. Your systems will operate more efficiently and require
less maintenance over time.

Call today for more information on how you can reduce maintenance costs with ultrasonic detection testing by L&S Electric. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Our Reliability Service team determines material thickness and measures coating and/or lining thickness using ultrasonic thickness testing. This is oftentimes done to determine the extent of build-up or corrosion.

photo of a ultrasonic thickness test result

Gaging the thickness of one side of a material using ultrasonic gaging offers the option of a non-destructive testing technique.

The practice of measuring thickness by utilizing ultrasonic techniques dates back to the 1940s. Almost any common material can be ultrasonically measured. Usually, the only materials that can’t be measured with ultrasonic testing equipment are wood, concrete, foam, and paper products.

To test the thickness, sound energy is generated over a wide frequency spectrum measuring the amount of time it takes that sound pulse to travel through the testing piece and reflect back to the other side.

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Ultrasonic Applications

L&S Electric uses ultrasound surveys to detect leaks in pressure and vacuum systems, and detect electrical arcing.

Pressure/Vacuum Leaks

Escaping air/gas that is under pressure from a leak site creates turbulence observed as a rushing of sound in the headset of the test equipment. Utilizing the meter display allows the user to quantify the leak.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical arcing and tracking create an ultrasound, which can be detected as a sound in the headset.

We recommend testing switchgear, transformers,circuit breakers, buss bars, relays, junction boxes, insulators, and other electrical gear.

Bearing Inspections

An ultrasonic unit is also able to detect the earliest stage of bearing failure; often used on less-critical bearings when grouped together such as with conveyor roll bearings.

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