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Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment

Extend the life of your equipment and save money in operating costs and repairs when you work with L&S Electric to employ laser shaft alignment as part of your predictive maintenance plan.

Laser shaft alignment is one of the ways we are using the latest technology to ensure the functionality of your equipment. Laser shaft alignment is faster and more accurate than other methods and can improve many of your applications including conveyors, compressors and gearboxes.


Laser Shaft Alignment

Maximizing the Life of Bearings, Seals,and Couplings Saves You Money

Two machines that are connected by a shaft are often prone to misalignment. Machines run efficiently when their gear, shafts and drives are arranged in proper alignment. Misalignment increases force, endangers the viability of bearings, as well as decreases the durability of the motor drives and mechanical seals. Ultimately, this misalignment may result in equipment breakdown.

For this reason, companies should be making a concerted effort towards ensuring that misalignment problems are corrected as well as prevented, which saves equipment life as well as a significant amount of money in repairs and operating cost.

Laser Shaft Alignment is one of the most effective ways to ensure the accuracy of the alignment. Before technological advances, straight edges and dial indicators were used to check the alignment of coupled units. However, using lasers, it is possible to almost attain the accuracy within hundredths of millimeters.

Laser technology is very beneficial when it comes to controlling the co-linearity and the angle between the two shafts. The laser calculates the deviation of the angle when the machinery is rotating; therefore this enables our technician to know exactly what needs to be done. This also provides you with the chance of checking whether your alignments are within the recommended OEM tolerance limits.

After diagnosing vibration, noise as well as analyzing the required failures in the coupling mechanism, the necessary actions are taken for the job. Field service providers should also analyze mechanical looseness, seal failures, resonance, hot spots and misalignment of belts or shafts. Thus in the long run, preventative maintenance such as this pays for itself.

Laser shaft alignment is beneficial in applications such as conveyors, compressors, gearboxes, couplings, mixers, propeller shafts, transfer boxes, generators, direct-drive fans, motor-driven pump, steam, hydro and gas turbines.


• Computer-aided
• Reduces human error
• Considers thermal growth
• Identifies “soft foot” condition
• Faster and more accurate
• Vertical or horizontal machines
• Coupled or uncoupled alignments

We Offer the Following

• A large staff of experienced technicians trained in laser shaft alignment
• On-site reports that detail before-and-after alignment conditions
• Fast, dependable 24-hour service

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Laser Belt Pulley Alignment

Aligning pulleys and sheaves correctly can save up to 10% in Energy Costs if performed correctly. Proper pulley alignment in all motors extends belt and chain life, reducing downtime and repairs.

There are differences in the tension of inner and outer belts when the belts are misaligned, reducing efficiency. If a single belt is worn, replacing all belts becomes necessary. Ensuring proper alignment extends service life and saves you money when you do not have to replace belts. Typically, regular maintenance with belt pulley alignment will pay for itself within a short amount of time.

Benefits include:

• Reduced vibration levels, resulting in less noise
• Increased machine productivity
• Reduced friction
• Reduced chance of serious breakdowns