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Rail Auxiliary Equipment Repair

Rail Auxiliary Equipment Repair

Trust L&S Electric to handle all of the rewind, reconditioning, re-manufacturing of your rail auxiliary equipment.

We will repair, rebuild, or recondition your cooling fans, AC/DC auxiliary generators, dynamic brake grid blowers, traction motor blowers, and internal blowers to ensure your rail systems are safe and run efficiently.

Rail Auxiliary Equipment Repair

Photo of Rail Cooling Fans

L&S Electric provides complete repair services for all rail auxiliary equipment. We provide complete inspection and reconditioning or repair as necessary for:

• Cooling fans
• AC/DC auxiliary generators
• Dynamic brake grid blowers
• Traction motor blowers
• Inertial blowers


• Complete rewind, reconditioning, and remanufacturing
• All apparatus repaired to OEM specifications
• Dynamic balancing of fans and blowers
• Motor and blower building and design
• Unit exchange options available

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