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AC/DC Generator Repair Service

AC/DC Generator Repair Service

Your AC/DC generators hold the key to the production of your electrical energy, so you want to make sure they’re in proper working order all the time. When issues arise, call on L&S Electric for inspection and testing, stator and field rewinding, and control retrofits.

We offer comprehensive repair services regardless of brand PLUS a one-year warranty on all repair services performed.

AC/DC Generator Repair

Generators are machines that are capable of generating electrical current by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy via electromagnetic induction. There are two types of generators, namely, AC generator and DC generator.

An AC generator uses alternating current while a DC generator produces direct current Though these two types of generators generate electric current through electromagnetic induction, they differ in many aspects especially in their designs, mechanisms, and repair.

L&S Electric offers comprehensive generator repair services, regardless of manufacture of origin. We bring decades of experience providing:

  • Inspection and Testing: rapid assessment of the current generator condition
  • Stator and Field Rewinding: extending the life of a generator by improving the reliability of the generator
  • Control Retrofits: improve the capability of generator controls with greater reliability and maintenance costs
  • Repair Solutions: regardless of brand, improve the life of the generator by providing a one-year warranty on repair services performed