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Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Repair

Gearboxes provide a wide range of benefits for a variety of industries. But they all have one thing in common – when they are in need of repair, it’s important to choose an experienced partner that will get you running again quickly.

L&S Electric has over 35 years of gearbox repair expertise across multiple industries. When you experience excess noise, vibration, leaks or contamination, our technicians provide fast, local service.

Gearbox Repair

Different industries, such as cement mills, paper mills, and the petrochemical industry, require high-torque gearboxes, which can provide continuous as well as noise-free performance. For example, the cement industries require high-torque gearboxes that produce and multiply production. Various types of machinery are put to use in distillation, lubrication, and power generation. The durability and tolerance levels have to be specifically designed by keeping in mind the performance desired. The power plant industry requires heavy gearbox use for generation, distribution, transmission, and utilization of power.

For gearboxes intended for use by industries such as those specializing in cement, paper production, power generation, mining, food processing, and water transportation, the sizes, shapes, and torque capacity vary for improved performance.

Types of Gearboxes

  • Bevel
  • Helical
  • Offset
  • Planetary

Some gearboxes, such as the bevel gearbox, are meant for transmitting motion and mechanical power between the intersecting axes. Few are meant to be noise-free. The output of some gearboxes, such as the helical type, can be customized. Others, such as offset and the planetary gearboxes, have different specifications based on the industry in which they are used. The bore diameter, gear center, material used, and torque capacity vary from one application to the other. Planetary gearboxes produce the maximum torque capacity and are used in the sugar, power, and automotive industries, as well as for wind turbines.

L&S Electric’s experienced technicians provide services to repairing a variety of industrial gearboxes within a short amount of time. Gearboxes can be rebuilt and customized, and to address problems with motorized pulleys, bearing failures, electrical fluting, and seal leakage. Failure analysis and vibration examination, as well as implementing modifications to prevent recurring failure of industrial gearboxes, are also conducted. In addition, L&S Electric provides both in-house and on-site contamination analysis, as well as services related to issues with oil, noise, and leakage.

L&S Electric has over 35 years of gearbox repair expertise. Machining needs are met with our in-house machine shops and motor repair capabilities. Because our services are local, we can complete repairs in days rather than in weeks. L&S Electric’s repair capabilities are unmatched in the industry.


  • Service available for all makes and designs up to 20 tons
  • Large-bearing inventory equals short turnaround time
  • In-house machining capability
  • Seal surface rebuilding with stainless steel metal spray (more durable than a new surface)
  • Shaft journal rebuilding and bearing housing repair
  • New shaft machining
  • Gear manufacturing
  • Factory-trained and experienced technicians


  • Motorized pulley repair
  • On-site oil analysis service
  • Failure analysis to prevent recurring failure
  • 100-ton rolling table press
  • Vibration analysis

Early Warning Signs of Gearbox Problems

  • Excessive noise
  • Vibration
  • Major leakage or loss of fluid
  • Oil contamination

Leading Causes of Gearbox Problems

  • Seal leakage
  • Bearing failure
  • Electrical fluting
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