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Project Management

Project Management

What sets L&S Electric apart from the others? We will provide you with a single, responsible point-of-contact person for your project as well as a special engineering team ready to handle all of your project’s multidisciplinary and technical aspects.

Our dedication to you as our customer means that we are capable of meeting in person as well as through video conference, we are committed to the schedule we work together to set for your project, and we will factory test and expertly install all your products.

Project Management


Successful completion of this project not only requires an industry leader in hydroelectric generation systems integration, but it will also require a responsive and responsible project team that is dedicated to cooperation, partnerships, and the customer’s best interest.

Coordination of Activities

An L&S Electric Engineering Project Coordinator is dedicated to each project. Because all projects benefit from a single point of contact, L&S Electric’s engineering project coordinators assume responsibility for all project coordination and communication, both internally and with the customer. To successfully complete a project, a specialized engineering team consisting of electrical engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical designers, mechanical designers, and CAD personnel is required. Considering the multidisciplinary and in-depth technical aspects, L&S Electric is committed to using a highly skilled and experienced project team.

L&S Electric is dedicated to fostering partnerships with our customers. Both the initial coordination and the commitment to continuous control of design activities are an essential part of developing and maintaining that partnership. Typically, in weekly or daily communication with customers, the engineering project coordinator functions as a hub for all project communication and coordination.

Further, L&S Electric has ongoing relationships with preferred suppliers, so no design activities will be impeded due to vendor or product unfamiliarity.

Proximity and Availability for Personal Meetings

L&S Electric is capable of accommodating meeting needs in a number of different ways. First, L&S Electric has access to an “owner-operated” corporate airplane that L&S employees can use to reach the project site and reconcile design differences, should such a situation arise.

In cases where trips are impractical, L&S Electric uses video conferencing tools to allow for more personal communication to convey design information. The importance of face-to-face information exchange and the ability to resolve conflicts via hardcopy markups or whiteboard brainstorming sessions cannot be overstated, so where employees are unable to meet face-to-face, L&S Electric’s videoconferencing hardware and electronic whiteboard tools have proven to be invaluable and are often used on a daily basis.

L&S Electric has significant experience in overcoming the obstacles of distance, time zones, culture, and even language. With internal staff who are fluent in multiple languages, L&S Electric works with satellite offices and value-added resellers who sell internationally and provide design support to Latin America, Canada/Quebec, Australia, and Asia.

Commitment to Project Schedule

L&S Electric’s experience with project management, systems engineering, and manufacturing plays a vital role in their timely project delivery. Unlike other companies, L&S Electric provides a dedicated project team to ensure seamless completion from the time of a project’s award to its completion. Project kickoff meetings are held after notice to proceed, whereby all aspects of project scope and schedule are validated with the customer to ensure that resources are allocated in accordance with project objectives. After the customer provides their consent on the final design documents, L&S Electric’s dedicated procurement team works diligently with familiar suppliers to ensure that critical path manufacturing tasks are not compromised. During assembly, ISO-certified quality control policies are implemented as a standard practice to achieve unparalleled consistency and quality, which are both essential aspects of timely equipment delivery. To minimize project risk and reduce commissioning time, project schedules allow time for quality control and integrated testing activities.


OEM panel manufacturing and testing are performed at our facility. We are ISO 9001 certified, and our manufacturing facility meets UL508 standards. All manufactured control panels go through a quality control process involving point-to point testing before the equipment is released for factory functionality testing. Engineering and programming of the controls will take place in our offices at the same site. This integrated approach to designing and manufacturing ensures consistent design philosophy, documentation and quality for the scope of supply of the entire project.

Factory Testing

Extensive simulation experience and shop testing capabilities uniquely qualify L&S Electric to meet the needs of this project. At L&S Electric, it is standard practice to prepare and test PLC-based plant controls, unit controls, facility controls, and digital protective relaying systems to validate the performance of an integrated control system in order to meet specified functionality requirements. Standard means and methods used include hardwired switch panels, calibrated instruments, and signals to simulate simple field devices or I/O. In cases where complex field devices are controlled but not provided by L&S Electric, sophisticated signal generation may be employed to ensure functionality of protection and governor systems (e.g. Omicron, Doble, and governor response testing). For special applications, custom programs are developed. Numerous projects have required internal development of custom algorithms featuring mathematical models of turbine/generator/governor systems such that a complete system can be simulated. Likewise, customer IT hardware and connections to customer networks are often simulated to ensure seamless integration of SCADA and user interface systems. L&S Electric also has experience with testing in extreme conditions with qualified electrical enclosures for special conditions such as corrosive gas, seismic activity, high magnitude radio interference, and extreme electrical surge. Finally, hydraulic systems are wet tested as an integrated design to ensure field compliance to ASME and IEEE codes. Where equipment is not supplied in full by L&S Electric, or cannot be tested as an integrated system, L&S Electric has two complete high-pressure systems (up to 3000 psi) to facilitate equipment testing. It is common practice testing several projects simultaneously in L&S Electric’s test bay, where technicians and engineers can be seen concurrently testing multiple systems for different projects. L&S Electric’s experienced engineers, programmers, and field service representatives, along with their ability to understand and replicate field conditions, have set L&S Electric apart as a cutting-edge industry leader in research and development, which clearly demands rigorous product testing.


L&S Electric has extensive installation experience and field service capabilities that are required to meet the needs of this project. L&S Electric has experience working as both the prime contractor and as a subcontractor in many turnkey projects. Working in the capacity of an engineer or consultant, L&S Electric routinely oversees installation and integration work performed by local contractors, utility electricians, and OEM field representatives. Recently, L&S Electric completed turnkey work at Brookfield Power’s Bear Swamp pumped storage facility, which included the supply of governors, unit control, plant control, and SCADA interface for two 360-MW units. This work was accomplished over the course of a seven-week installation window, with an electrical contractor and as many as eight direct L&S Electric persons working on-site concurrently. Moreover, L&S Electric has completed the turnkey work of hydraulic system overhauls, by means of direct support and contractor coordination. L&S Electric understands the need for integrity, cooperation, flexibility, leadership, and accountability. These attributes are critical to resolve conflicts, maintain critical path work flow, and maintain rapport with the owner to attain even the most aggressive installation schedules.

Start-Up and Commissioning

Start-up and commissioning services are among L&S Electric’s core competencies, and these tasks are the most critical aspect of the entire project. Outage coordination, equipment integration, unit status, and interim plant conditions need to be fully understood. Although such iterations might be managed by a variety of contractors, L&S Electric is wholly staffed and capable of performing the remainder of plant integration. This includes governors, protection and excitation in addition to unit, plant, and facility control without the use of specialized contractor support. The demonstrated success underscores the quality of L&S Electric’s on-site services and field engineering proficiency.

While on site, safety is of the utmost concern and will be addressed before any work is performed. All site security and safety procedures will be strictly followed by L&S Electric personnel. L&S Electric currently has information about background checks and drug testing, if required.

Cost of Services

With industry competitive rates and creative design solutions, L&S Electric can regularly offer the lowest overall price. However, our primary focus is ALWAYS on value.

Long-Term Support

L&S Electric is well positioned to provide years of technical support and service. Privately owned, debt-free and inherently stable, L&S Electric continues to provide ongoing service and support to numerous repeat customers corporate-wide, and continues to develop and maintain exclusive partnerships with hydroelectric utilities. Furthermore, at a time when many companies have been downsizing and outsourcing, L&S Electric has expanded the capacity of its hydroelectric controls manufacturing facility and added field service resources in concert with the company’s business outlook and commitment to service. Including the L&S Electric dedicated Field Service team, the Engineering Division employs over twenty engineers and technicians with hydroelectric generation field experience capable of providing on-site service. In addition, L&S Electric’s Engineering Division maintains relationships with industry specialists, contractors, and suppliers and is able to solicit support from other internal business units, including L&S Electric’s Mechanical Repair Services, Power Services, Reliability Services and Electrical Equipment Sales groups. Our experienced staff is always on call, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to provide service. Our corporate slogan is “Dedicated People, Quality Products, And Above All, Service.”