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Hydraulic Pressure Supply Systems

Hydraulic Pressure Supply Systems

The L&S Electric Standard Hydraulic Pressure Unit (HPU) is the right choice for those looking for a new installation or a replacement of an existing high-pressure HPU or low-pressure HPUs that are converted to higher pressures.

We know how important it is for your equipment to be reliable and cost effective. That is why our modular assembly is designed to reduce your operating costs and provide long-term maintenance ease and equipment reliability.

Hydraulic Pressure Supply Systems

The L&S Standard Hydraulic Pressure Unit (HPU) is a modular assembly designed for ease of maintenance, reduced operating costs, and long-term reliability.


  • L&S modular HPUs are designed for the following applications:
  • Replacement of existing high-pressure HPUs
  • Replacement of existing low-pressure HPUs that are converted to higher pressures
  • New installations

Sizing & Design

  • Each hydraulic pressure system is designed to meet
  • IEEE 125-2007 requirements for high-pressure oil systems.
  • The systems are designed to consider the difference in adiabatic characteristics of nitrogen charged systems versus air charged systems.
  • Cyclic pump operation provides energy efficient system

Pump/Motor Modules

  • Designed for low operating cost and ease of maintenance
  • High efficiency, inverter duty motors
  • Motor efficiency complies with NEMA PremiumTM efficiency levels
  • Long life due to ball bearing and inverter duty design
  • All modules designed for 1800/1500 RPM operation to maximize module life and minimize pump cavitation/noise
  • C-Face motor/pump coupling design eliminates coupling alignment requirements
  • On-line replaceable as a “module”
  • HPU is designed to allow pump/motor assembly to lift straight up from the HPU cover after removing 4 bolts and pump outlet fitting for ease of maintenance/replacement
  • Each module includes integral lifting points
  • Designed for normal operation at rated full load amps
  • Service factor capability is not used in normal operating range.

Relief Valve / Check Valve / Pump Isolation Valve

  • Standard for every pump module.
  • Double Block and Bleed configurations are available.
  • Independent relief valve

Unloader Option

  • Standard on pump modules larger than 10 HP, optional for pump modules 10 HP or less
  • Motor can start with pump unloaded then load pump once motor is up to normal speed (minimizes current inrush)
  • Individual pump outlet filter provides continuous oil filtering when pumps are running.
  • Each pump can be used as a kidney loop filter by running pump unloaded between pump cycles.
  • Pump outlet filter capacity is oversized for application to increase time between oil filter replacements.
  • Optional Temperature control
  • Pump can be used as a temperature control device to keep oil temperature within a normal operating range
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