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Governor Systems

Governor Systems

Come to L&S Electric for pre-engineered packages for a cost-effective and expedient upgrade, custom solutions for the most demanding plants, and everything in between.

Our governor systems provide the best value to our clients while also delivering top performance, expansion capabilities and high availability of parts. Our digital governors, low-pressure retrofit equipment, distributing valves, and hydraulic power units are all backed by the world-class service L&S Electric is known for.

Governor Systems

Digital Governors

Photo of an L&S Electric MRT Digital GovernorIn the early 1980s, L&S Electric started pioneering the idea of providing governor systems based on PLC technology from highly-reputable manufacturers. We believe that equipment based on standard, off-the-shelf components offer the best value for our clients for performance, expansion capabilities, and high availability of parts through multiple distribution channels.

L&S Electric has digital governor upgrade solutions with everything needed to upgrade any governor into a new high-performance digital governor: from a pre-engineered package for a cost-effective and expedient upgrade to custom solutions for the most demanding plants.

Low Pressure Retrofit Equipment

photo of a hydro bushing and plunger

When upgrading a governor system to a digital controller, it is necessary to retrofit an existing system, using the following components:

In some cases, the existing low-pressure hydraulic system may still be in good condition, which can be further improved by any of the following retrofits:

LS Hydro Governor Distributing Valves

The L&S Electric distributing valves offer diverse levels of pressure and flow for the control of hydroelectric turbine actuators (SERVOS).

photo of a hydro distributing valve photo of a LS7500 distributing valve


  • Simple, elegant design with a successful track record
  • Servo-Grade operation with Zero-Lap characteristics
  • Timing control via locking nuts to ensure safety and repeatability
  • Frequency response 4 to 5 times faster than old mechanical and analog governor systems
  • Cost-effective spare parts
  • Provision for mounting of valves assembled near or at servos for the best valve/hydraulic stability, and for the most cost-effective piping arrangement


  • Maximum flow adjustment via solid locking nuts
  • Valve porting can be specified to accommodate pressure and flow needs
  • “A” and “B” ports (open and close control ports) can be reversed in the field if necessary
  • No external pinch points
  • “O” ring sealing for leak-free operation
  • photo of a hydro hydraulic pressure unitSafety shutdown systems
  • Proportional valve shutdown upon power loss
  • Fail-safe shutdown solenoid valve

Hydraulic Power Units

Our Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are designed to meet your application needs, for either new installations or replacement of existing units. Following the IEEE-125 Standard, L&S Electric engineers the proper sizing of the hydraulics considering existing system information and/or new system requirements.

We provide both Oil-over-Air system, and high-pressure Nitrogen-Oil systems.

  • Air-over-oil system
  • HPU – N Series Nitrogen-oil systems

Speed Sensing and Protection

photo of a speed sensor and protection setThe digital governor controllers from L&S Electric have at least two redundant speed channels. First, they process the signal coming from the potential transformer (PT), secondly, they also measure the speed from pulses generated by Pick-ups. For the latter application, L&S Electric supplies a Speed Signal Generator (SSG).

For those application that may require a Mechanical-Hydraulic Overspeed protection, we also provide a Mechanical Overspeed Device