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SyMAX Permanent Magnet Motor by Marathon Electric

Permanent Magnet New Motor Sales

Unlike reluctance synchronous motors, permanent magnet motors provide maximum benefits to particular applications.

L&S Electric offers high-quality permanent magnet motor for minimal rotor inertia, greater operational efficiencies, and optimum torque.

Moreover, these motors operate cooler, which helps prolong insulation and bearing lifespan while providing increased speed control.

Permanent Magnet Motors

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A permanent magnet motor is a type of motor that consists of magnets located in the rotor assembly. These magnets allow proper alignment of the rotor with the stator's rotating magnetic field.

Permanent magnet motors (PMM) are quickly playing a central role in the manufacturing process. They are proofing to be dependable, durable, and reasonably affordable.

Benefits of Permanent Magnet Motors

Among the benefits that a permanent magnet motor brings include efficiency, higher torque, and constant speed with load while drawing less amount of current that comparable synchronous motors do.

  • Steady magnetic field: PMM generates a consistent, steady magnetic field compared to a “regular” synchronous motor.
  • Lighter: permanent magnets are reasonably light, yet provide a maximum torque density.
  • Greater Torque: there is nearly a 30% to 60% improvement in torque over standard synchronous motors.
  • Cooler Operation: PMM offers improved drive and performance, but generally operate lower temperatures.