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Eaton Circuit Protection

Circuit Protection

L&S Electric features a range of circuit protection devices that help prevent fires caused by overheated equipment.

Our specialists can guide you in selecting the right type of protection you need based on your voltage requirements and environment. As you protect your circuits, you can avoid any unnecessary expenses on repairs while enhancing the operation and efficiency of you equipment.

Circuit Protection

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Manufacturers Represented:

  • Cutler-Hammer/Eaton

We collaborate with several manufacturers of circuit protection products including fuse elements, fuses, circuit breakers and fusible links. 

A circuit protection device protects connectors and wires from damages, which may be caused by short circuit or over-current that result to excessive current flow. An open circuit may arise when there is excess heat due to massive current. To prevent this problem, you can choose from circuit protection devices that come in different shapes, current ratings and types.

Circuit Breaker Applications/Options:

The following are among the different circuit breaker options you can choose from:

  • Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System - this type of circuit breaker offers a reliable and simplified method that minimizes fault clearing time for enhanced safety.
  • Equipment Life Extension and Modernization – features various solutions for older power systems while extending the lifespan.
  • Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Protection – comes with a wide selection of branch, main circuit breaker and relevant pieces of equipment
  • Low Voltage Air Power Circuit Breakers – a power circuit breaker that comes with a lower voltage
  • Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers – offers centralized protection and control designed for medium-voltage power circuits and equipment
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers – helps protect low-voltage distribution systems while enhancing performance in minimal space that standard breakers cannot provide