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Vermont Transformers


When it comes to power delivery, transformers serve as a vital tool. L&S Electric offers a wide variety of low- to medium-voltage transformers that meets your every need.


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A transformer is used to convert electrical power that is required in a device with a different voltage. Primary and secondary windings in this type of device are stationary, and these are wound on a magnetic core.

Low Voltage Transformers

  • Silica Resin Encapsulated Transformers
  • Hazardous Location Transformers
  • K Factor 600V Class General Purpose
  • Three Phase 600V Class General Purpose
  • Single Phase 600V Class General Purpose

Medium Voltage Transformers

  • Cast Coil Transformers
  • Triplex Design Transformers
  • Unit Substation Distribution Transformers
  • General Purpose Medium Voltage