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Warner Electric is the leading manufacturer of clutches, and you can find the perfect product that matches your needs here at L&S Electric.

In fact, Warner Electric features a wide selection of off-the-shelf clutch, as well as brake models that offer mechanical and electric actuation. These also come with a torque range at a maximum torque range of 1,350 pound feet. Choose the right product you need and enhance your business operations with a Warner Electric product.


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Manufacturers Represented:

  • Warner Electric

A clutch is used to engage or disengage a motor when there is a need for frequent starts and stops.

Upon activating the clutch, a magnetic field is produced once current flows right through the electromagnet. As a result, the rotor part of the clutch is magnetized, and this creates a magnetic loop attracting the armature. Then, this leads to the pulling of the armature against the rotor, which generates frictional force at contact. Load becomes accelerated, which matches the rotor's speed, and this engages the output hub of a clutch and the armature.