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A gearbox transmits ample amounts of mechanical energy coming from a prime mover and into an output device. Moreover, this device enables changes in torque, speed, and direction as necessary.

Gearmotors are responsible for simplifying the combination of a motor with a gear reducer system. To enable the reduction of speed of motors while the output torque is maximized, gears are essential to be used with motors.


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Manufacturers Represented:

  • Bauer Gear Motor
  • Boston Gear
  • Browning
  • Dodge
  • Grove Gear
  • Lafert North America/SITI
  • Marathon Electric
  • Morse
  • SEW Eurodrive
  • Worldwide

In any types of industry, a gearbox is an essential device worth investing on. With this device, it is possible to produce a small rotation force that can produce an even greater rotation force.

What's more, this enables the speeding up of a slow rate of revolution. Since this piece of equipment transmits sufficient mechanical power, it is not surprising that a gearbox is a necessity in various industrial fields.