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DC Drives

For years, DC drives have been regarded for their superb torque, durability, and excellent control. However, new AC drives are currently used to replace existing DC systems.

Although this appears to be the trend, there is a more practical option to this method. At L&S Electric, you can determine the pros and cons related to this trend while realizing a more practical option that can result to minimal disruption and cheaper project costs – all made possible by upgrading your DC motor.

DC Drives

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  • Emerson Control Techniques

Several industries using DC motors and drives include printing, mining, cranes, and metals.

To minimize maintenance costs, most industries opt to replace their DC systems with AC drives. However, this method can be costly since the machinery must be taken temporarily out of service until the electrical and mechanical rework is completed.

DC drives by Emerson Control Techniques feature advanced AC drive technology that offers system integration options, reliability, and optimum motor performance for your total satisfaction.