We pride ourselves in offering legendary service to customers who produce power or use it to drive their business. Our experienced teams include power system commissioning, testing & maintenance; on-site & in-shop rotating equipment service; power control solutions; predictive & preventative maintenance; and a team of engineers and industry experts to offer solutions from controls to power systems to electric motors.

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L&S manufactures or distributes the highest quality products to deliver the best total value for our customers. From power control solutions to electric motors to power transmission, we support our customers from power production all the way to its use in process control.

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Pulp & Paper

We has been supporting paper and related industries for decades, and we know the unique challenges of maintaining equipment in the environment of papermills. Our motor repair, predictive maintenance, and power service teams are experts in keeping a mill’s critical equipment up and running, and our size allows us to handle full outages for customers.

Mining & Aggregate

Our team provides power controls, power distribution equipment service and motor repair solutions for many of the largest mining and aggregate companies in the US. We are versed in dealing with the environments, large equipment and unique requirements of working in mining settings.

Rail Transportation

L&S is a trusted supplier of service to traction motors & combos, main alternators & generators, auxiliary electric equipment and trucks. For over 20 years, we have been working with Class I, short-line, and transit organizations to provide the highest quality repairs on the market.

Power Generation & Hydroelectric

We offer a wide-range of solutions for power produces and utilities, from power generation to distribution. From L&S designed power control solutions to motor & generator repair to power distribution, control and protection, we are committed to being the most trusted supplier in what we offer.


Our team of product experts can supply OEMs with the quality products that bring value to their equipment. We offer value add solutions to make the supply chain easier and more efficient for our customers.


We are driven to keep our local cities and towns running their water treatment plants, power generation and other services running optimally. We work with motors, pumps, power systems and controls in any environment.

Agriculture & Food

Being from Wisconsin, we have a passion for our agriculture industry and keeping them operating efficiently. We have the new products and repair solutions designed specifically for food safe environments.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial and continuous process manufacturers are focused on up-time and reliability to keep their operations going. We are focused on the rotative equipment, predictive maintenance and power distribution service that keeps product flowing efficiently.