Service & Quality

  • Available to respond 24/7 to emergencies
  • Providing Predictive Maintenance Programs to maintain optimal machine health
  • 20+ certified Reliability Specialists based throughout Wisconsin & Minnesota
  • Trained in the latest Emerson Vibration/Balancing instrumentation and software
  • Committed leadership in the Vibration Professionals of Wisconsin professional organization


Value & Reliability

  • Deep experience in the field of Vibration Analysis Technologies
  • Technicians are cross-trained in various areas of Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
  • Trained in Precision Maintenance practices



  • Vibration Analysis Programs and One-Time Studies
  • Operation deflection shape analysis
  • Motor rotor current signature analysis
  • Multi-channel analysis
  • Acceptance testing on new or rebuilt equipment
  • Balancing
  • Fans
  • Pulleys
  • Grinder/mixer rotors
  • Alignment
  • Laser shaft 
  • Laser pulley
  • DC Motor Brush Surveys
  • Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Surveys
  • Electro-static Discharge Testing
  • In-place Slip Ring Turning
  • Root Cause Bearing Failure Analysis 
  • Vibration Analysis Hardware 
  • Sensors
  • Cabling
  • Enclosures
  • Loop powered sensors



  1. Predictive Maintenance Programs
    • Regular analysis of your rotating machinery will detect assets that require maintenance.  Our Technicians are proficient in programming, collecting and analyzing the proper vibration data to help prevent an unexpected breakdown.
  2. Emergency, Call-In Analysis
  3. Specialized Vibration Related Services
    • Operation Deflection Shape Analysis
    • Motor Rotor Current Signature Analysis
    • Orbits on sleeve bearing machinery
    • Bump, run-up or coast-down tests to identify natural frequencies
  1. Permanently mounted Vibration Analysis hardware (we offer site surveys and quoting)

On-site dynamic balancing of Fan Wheels, Pulleys, Fly-Wheels, etc. Single and Dual-Plane capabilities.

Laser shaft and pulley alignment.

Maximize the life of your DC Motors by having our experienced Technicians:

  • Inspect commutator filming; look for evidence of arcing
  • Analyze brush current density
  • Verify that motor is getting proper cooling air
  • Blow out motor commutator boxes; remove buildup of carbon dust
  • Record data and submit report with recommendations for corrective action

L&S Electric’s profiling solution for commutators and slip rings offers a definitive view of the out-of-round aspect of your equipment with a resolution of 0.00005”.

Realize the potential energy savings by fixing leaks in your compressed air system. 

Identify if your electric motors are discharging electrical current through their bearings to ground; thereby causing damaging micro-pitting to the bearing raceways.  We offer recommendations as to how to mitigate the problem. Our team installs shaft grounding devices in the field or shop.

When you can’t pull a synchronous motor to have it’s slip rings turned, let L & S do it for you on-site.

We’ll help you identify why a bearing failed so you can take measures to prevent the same failure from happening twice.

Trending of temperatures on couplings and u-joints to identify issues that are cropping up (e.g. worn coupling inserts, lack of lubrication, etc.)