Turnkey Services

Under our turnkey service, L&S Electric assumes all responsibility for your rotating apparatus removal, reconditioning, repair, and installation. It covers all electrical, mechanical, trucking, rigging, alignment, start-up, and coordination of all aspects that the job entails.


Diesel / Hydro Generator And Electric Motor Repair Services

If your rotating equipment is too large to be removed from your facility or you don’t have the time to remove your equipment, L&S’s On-site service is your solution.

  • Complete onsite mechanical and electrical repair services, testing, disassembly, failure analysis, bearing repair, assembly, alignment, reconditioning, dry ice cleaning, onsite wash, and bake of oil-contaminated windings and rewinding. 


Rotating Apparatus Base Services

Lengthen the life of your rotating equipment through proper installation and repair of deteriorated bases.

Base Services Include:

  • Modifications
  • Design and manufacture of adapter bases
  • Laser tracker and portable coordinate measuring with our Romer Absolute Arm to provide base documentation and alignment services. 
  • Installation, leveling, and grouting
  • Fabrication of new bases for new motor retrofits and the replacement of existing bases


Dry Ice Cleaning

Decreased downtime dry ice cleaning is similar to sand, bead, or soda blasting, in which a pressurized air stream accelerates the material and hits a surface to be cleaned. Using this method, the dry ice particles vaporize upon impact onto the surface, eliminating any secondary waste.


  • Faster and more thorough cleaning
  • No equipment damages
  • Reduction or elimination of solvents
  • Reductions in waste disposal
  • Increased safety